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Trading Diary

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Trading Diary is an application that will help you to become better trader.As you know its a good practice for a trader to have his Trading Diary because its very important to keep track of your trades and study them carefully.A lot of master traders encourage new traders to keep a trading diary but not a lot of new traders really do that. They affirm that by keeping a journal, the success can be achieved faster.With Trading Diary you will be able to:- update your trading diary while continuing seeing the charts- update your trading diary even when you are not in front of your computer- analyze your trades everywhere, even when you are in the bed just before you are going to sleep- add up to four images of what you were seeing when you made the trade - export your trading journal to PDF, so it can be easily printed or shared with a master trader who will give you an advice- add up to 5 custom fields- calculate the amount of risk you can take, based on your account size and the risk percentage- easily understand where you are by looking at the statistics and the profit chart
People who downloaded the trading diary have written me that their trading improved a lot since they use the Trading Diary Android application.
Eventually, it will be more useful to read your trading diary, than reading a new book. But by doing both you’ll be closer to the trading success.
If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me. I will answer you as soon as I can.